7+ Biology Resources

Green Leaf of a Bio Plant in Nature

We try hard at Biology Innovation to cover as many biology topics as we can, but we acknowledge that there are also other great places to revise from. It is for that reason, therefore, we created this blog post to show you some of our favourite websites and books.

The Internet

  1. BiologyGuide
    Human Biology revision notes and practice questions for A-Level Biology students. Revision notes can be browsed by topic or by using the latest AQA syllabus.
  2. BioTopics
    An interactive web-based Biology resource including teaching/learning notes for GCSE ans AS/A level Biology (Key Stage 3 4 & 5 of the UK National Curriculum)
  3. M. Rothery’s Biology Site
    Mainly for AQA(B) AS & A2 (A level) Biology, content is reached from the module links below. There are extensive notes, summaries and past paper questions. Other resources can be found in each module’s resource centre.

Try checking on student forums to see what other people in your situation have to say. For example pages like this and this.


Shown above are four of the best biology books, but of course they vary and other biology books might suit your needs better. It is worth while with any books you buy as a student to get them used from Amazon or eBay. There is also a great article here by lifehacker about the best places to save money on textbooks.


  • If you are in need of any additional resources the best place to start is at your local school or town library, where you can borrow books free of charge. It worth while because if you suddenly discover you don’t like the book you can just swap it.
  • Ask your friends what they use and get recommendations before buying any expensive books.

Any Better Ideas?

If you have any great ideas on places to help you revise, let you know in the comments below.

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