Biology-Innovation is run and maintained by Edd Turtle, a full-time education student in Wales (the UK) and Daryl Ladd, a full-time education student from Wiltshire, England studying at City of Bristol College. This gives them both a great insight into what is needed in a revision website. Whether there are particular subjects which students may find difficult or whether more information is needed, Biology-Innovation is here to help.

About Edd

Edd Turtle

Edd is a full-time student studying Software Engineering at Swansea MET University. He was born and raised in the picturesque countryside of Mid-Wales where he spent the first 18 years of his life until he moved into the city. He enjoy going on cycling adventures in his spare time, having been cycling in France, Spain and Ireland in the past 5 years. He also enjoys going for walks and finding places he has never seen or been to before, usually with his camera.

Since he can remember he has had a fascination with web design because of its creativity, depth and functionality. See his website for more details, or find him on Twitter.

About Daryl

Daryl Ladd

Daryl, pictured with his nephew, has always taken a keen interest into web design and web artwork; he has been using programs such as photoshop and dreamweaver from around the age of 14 and enjoys photo manipulation art as well as website design although he’s not as coding literate as his counter-part. Daryl’s main hobby is music and has been playing guitar for nearly 4 years and plays everything from jazz through-to some classic. You can find him on Facebook.

The Reason for this site?

Every mind works differently. Some people absorb information better through images while others find it better to read and re-read information over and over again until it is ready to recall in the exam. This website has been made by and is maintained by students. We here at biology innovation read into the subjects just that little further to give you, yes YOU, the benefits. By making this website it is helping Edd and Daryl to revise in a special way by reading over their work, ensuring their notes are accurate and gaining a better understanding about the subjects.

Help wanted

Any feedback you can give will be appreciated. We are human after all and are prone to making the odd spelling mistake so please, if you see a mistake contact us! Also if you have any typed up notes on any Biology or Geography subjects and are willing to share them to help others we would really like to add them to this site and credit them to you.