Is tutoring the answer to increasingly challenging courses?


Biology is a highly respected A level or degree choice and a key performance indicator for children under the age of 16. At the same time, biology is also widely acknowledged as one of the most challenging subjects on the syllabus. It is studied for a number of reasons. Some have a passion for it, others think it will give them the edge for school or university places and other need it for other Science based courses such as the Oxbridge NATSCI. Its depth and breadth is almost unrivalled taking in all areas of human’s plants and animals at varying degrees of difficulty. It is almost inevitable therefore; that at some point even the most able students will become stuck.

Increasingly tutoring is the answer to this problem. But why is that? On a basic level, tutors on the books of agencies such as Tavistock Tutors are supremely well qualified, with top degrees from top institutions. However, tutoring in a subject such as biology needs more than just knowledge, for example some of the most eminent biologists may well make poor tutors. Tutoring in science is also about that different perspective, showing something in a different light or explaining it in a different way.

Passion is also a key word, even the most dedicated biologist will have days when biology is the last thing they want to do, or they may find certain aspects of the any course boring. A tutor prides himself or herself on bringing their subject to life. Whether it is bringing up the latest medical trial in a particular area or a classroom experiment for a change of pace, tutoring can be a valuable tool to keep you on the right track.

This might prove especially useful in the run up to exams. No one likes them but they are a fact of education. A tutor can provide those hints and tips you might not find in your revision guide but can make all the difference, weather its making the right call in multiple choice or wording those essays answers just right.

So next time you hit a biology brick wall, and Google cant help maybe a tutor can provide the boost you need.